Friday, January 31, 2014

You're a liberal, aren't you?

I do not have a political affiliation. My allegiance is to Christ alone. I have views that fit on both sides of the political spectrum. In fact, I have views that fall all over the political spectrum. And I am very careful not to express my personal opinions to my students. But the other day, one of my students said "You're a liberal, aren't you?"

I was surprised and asked why they would think that?

The student responded that I'm always trying to get them help the poor and impoverished. They said I'm always bringing attention to the plight of those suffering in other nations. The student said I'm always raising money for non-profits that assist those living in developing nations. They said I was always trying to help those agencies in our county that assist the poor or the distressed.

I asked, "That's why you think I'm liberal?" And they responded with a resounding yes.

I found it sad that if you help the poor you are considered liberal. It's a sad state of affairs when conservatives are seen, fairly or unfairly, for not caring about the poor both in the United States and overseas. I know plenty of conservatives who help in many different ways to help the poor. But the general perception seems to be that poverty is a liberal cause.

I'm not a liberal or a conservative. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat. But I think both sides, regardless of ideology, should make helping the poor one of their primary objectives. They may have different methods and ideas about how to help the poor, but the poor should be a primary concern. Obviously, I'm coming at this from a Christian perspective. That's my affiliation. And one of Christ's major concerns was for the poor.

But I still found it sad that helping the poor makes you "liberal." Helping the poor should be what everyone does. Helping our neighbors should simply be who we are regardless of our party affiliation.