Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weezer in Grand Prairie

The October 21st Weezer concert in Grand Prairie was awesome. The band came out in white coveralls with "Weezer" written on their backs. Rivers sang the first two songs wearing a white ski mask. A few songs into the set they stripped off their coveralls to reveal bright red sweat suits also emblazoned with the Weezer logo. These guys exuded fun and goofiness the entire concert. Rivers walked around stage kicking a soccer ball and jumping off a trampoline all while singing lead and playing guitar. All the band members took turns singing lead and traded instruments quite frequently. They all can play each other's axes quite nicely. There was even a "hootenanny" session with selected Weezer fans as they brought to the stage fans who had audtioned for a two song jam. There were bass clarinets, guitars, baritones, spoons (yes, spoons!), flutes, accordian and a trumpet solo on Beverly Hills. Later Rivers sported a massive cowboy hat while their bassist sported a wrestling cape with the Flying W Weezer logo. Pure insane madness with great music that blew the roof off the dump.

The setlist included some rare B-Side singles. Here's the setlist from their October 21st concert at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas...

My Name is Jonas
Pink Triangle
Perfect Situation
Say it ain’t so
Keep Fishin
Pork and Beans
Dope Nose
Hash Pipe
El Scorcho
Greatest Man that ever lived
Island in the Sun
Beverly Hills
Buddy Holly