Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sanctity of Life Sunday

Another made up day. Sanctity of Life Sunday. Of course, the only lives most churches choose to defend are the unborn. Pretty convenient really. Doesn't take much work to defend those not yet here. We just talk loudly and say the other side is really bad. 

But all life is sacred. Why don't more churches promote adoption or support foster care ministries? Because then it gets messy. That's hard. Some of these kids are not easy to deal with. 

And Christ said to love our enemies. So we sure don't defend lives if they live in Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. Just war theory is a crock. 

And guns. Let's forget about the tools that are used to murder people...including children...on a daily basis. My rights are more important than other's lives. 

And the death penalty. All life is sacred. Let's teach that by killing those who killed others. That's real consistent. 

So let's honor all lives today and every day. Not just when it's convenient.