Sunday, March 18, 2012


JDW didn't last the whole day at ski school. They called me around lunchtime and told me he was saying he was too exhausted to continue for the afternoon, which was possibly true since the day before he had ridden in the car 10 hours. So the next day Kimberly and I practiced with him on a hill on the bunnyslopes. He seemed to have picked up a lot at ski school and did pretty good. The next day was the real test. We took him on the Quicksilver Lift and planned to have him do a run or two down the long Silverthorne Run on Peak 9. I was nervous about him getting on and off a lift for the first time but we got him on and off with no problems.

Then he astounded us. He skiied great! No fear and he didn't want to quit. We were expecting to knock off at lunch but he wanted to keep on skiing. We even did some tree skiing designed for kids. We skiied from when the lifts opened at 8:30 am to when they closed at 4 pm. Even then JDW did not want to quit. He was having a blast. Above is one of the videos of him going down Silverthorne. After awhile he asked to lead us and we had to remind him to practice his turns. He wanted to ski faster and faster and not bother with boring turns. The Little Man is quite the skier and it made the trip even more fun.