Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Recap Part Two

This summer we decided to finally pay a visit to one of Kimberly's high school friends who lives in Ohio. So we drove up to Circleville, OH and spent a couple of nights with Deb and her family. It was a nice visit, our first ever to Ohio. We went to the Pickaway County Fair, tooled around Circleville and had a very nice time. 

One night we drove thirty miles north to Columbus to catch a Crew game. They just happened to be playing our FC Dallas. I had wanted to see Crew Stadium which is kind of legendary in American soccer circles since it was the first stadium build specifically for soccer. Lamar Hunt, the Crew's owner at the time, was taking quite a risk. But now almost every MLS side boasts their own grounds. 

We had great seats but had to take cover a few minutes before the game started due to a storm that rolled in. We waited for an hour before being told the game was cancelled. We later found out the match was cancelled because an off-duty fireman was struck by lightning in the parking lot moments before game time. He survived. Bummed that we didn't see a game but glad everyone was okay. Crew Stadium is a cool venue and they treated us well despite our FC Dallas gear. 

We enjoyed our brief visit to Ohio before heading out to New York. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer Recap Part One

It's been a great summer so far and I haven't blogged much in the past month. So, not that you care, I'll recap in bits and pieces. 

The AP Reading in Salt Lake went well. Always good to see the Wolfpack (pictured above at a typical dinner moment). After seven years these guys have become some of my closest friends. I've made some other great friends over the years including my Wolf Gang (an offshoot of the pack, pictured below). 

These guys are the best. All these friends and more I've made over the past seven years are what keep me coming back year after year. That and the Five Diamond hotel I've been lucky enough to stay in...The Grand America. 

Yeah, I plan on SLC each year now. Hopefully the invites will keep coming.