Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Black Keys on Letterman

Last night one of my favorite bands, The Black Keys, played on Letterman. Jackson loves this song. He calls it "The Dinosaur Song" because the original preview video featured a dinosaur puppet. Great band.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Already LOST

The final episode of LOST was an epic end to an epic series. I've had a lot of shows that I greatly enjoyed and was saddened when they finally came to an end. But the passing of LOST saddens me a bit more than the passing of any other show...and it wasn't even my favorite show of all time.

The show although not perfect in it's six year run...was amazing. When LOST was on top of its game...which was most of the was breathtaking. We'll never see a show of its like again.

There are also people who I work with with whom I have nothing in common but a love of the show LOST. Now that it is over...I'm not sure what we'll talk about when I bump into them in the teacher's lounge.

I will also miss the network of blogs, websites and columnists devoted to exploring all the dimensions of LOST. All the forums and debates will peter out in the next few weeks now that the show has wrapped. Sure, we can all watch LOST on DVD...but the MOMENT is gone. The zietgeist moves on.

I will miss these characters. I will miss the grand scope of the show. I will miss the mythology. I will miss the spiritual, philosophical and literary allusions. Most of all I will miss the characters. A whole generation of t.v. watchers were connected by this show...and it's now time for us to walk out those church doors into the white light.

I already miss it.