Saturday, August 22, 2009

(If you're wondering if I want you to) I want you to.

So it's always newsworthy (at least on this blog) when Weezer has announced a new album. This week the official announcement came. "Raditude" will be out October 27th. The first single was released this week. You can stream "(If you're wondering if I want you to) I want you to" HERE.
Great title for a song and even though I long ago drank the Weezer kool-aid full on, I dig it...empirically of course and emotionally as well.

By the way, for those not familiar with the term "raditude" here's the definition from the Urban Dictionary...

raditude - 1 definition - Having the right state of mind to be able to efficiently use the word "radical".

I usually hear this word from my skateboarding and snowboarding students. You have to have a sufficient amount of "radicalness" to be described as possessing raditude.

Here's a more philosophical description that was deleted from Wikipedia under their patent nonsense policy. But it gives you the right idea.

Deleted From Wikipedia... Raditude functions around a bi-tiered system in which followers, travel through two stages in the first stage they learn Raditude. In learning Raditude followers learn to direct body and mind toward winning. In the 2nd and final Pinnacle stage of Raditude followers actually become Raditude, In becoming Raditude the creation or manifestation of Raditude is no longer controlled by the conscious. Raditude creates within the being, a new found ability to focus which consequently spills over into the followers scholarly work and even personal relationships. At the pinnacle of the final stage, the subconscious manifestation of Raditude causes the follower to lead with Raditude, and in doing so they find that they have reached an enlightened state or state of "Rad".

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sandy Lake Amusement Park

It's nearing the end of our last week of summer. So Kimberly, Jackson and I went to his first amusement park for one more summer blast. We eschewed the big corporate Six Flags for something very family friendly and a whole lot cheaper. Sandy Lake Amusement Park has been open for forty years in Carrollton (in the north Dallas area) and is one of those charming retro parks. Lots of picnic tables, clean restrooms and cool little rides that kids love. There's also a massive swimming pool we'll check out next year.

We had a lot of fun...having an H.O.V. lane all the way from Mesquite to Carrollton got us there in thirty having a highway lane to yourself now that they've extended an HOV all the way to our neck of the woods.

Jackson rode the train three times. He also rode his very first roller coaster...the Magic Dragon. We had a great time. Pictures are available on my flickr site HERE. Here are some videos of our day.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Chris Isaak at the House of Blues

I know I know. Quite a gap between posts. It's been a busy summer. A very good summer. Don't get on the computer much at home.

Sunday night Kimberly and I went the House of Blues here in Dallas to catch Chris Isaak. I've been a big fan of Isaak since high school and Wicked Game stormed the country. I've got all 10 of his CD's (including his XMAS album). But I've never seen him live. He came to Big D a couple of years ago. But he was playing a double bill with Stevie Nicks and I thought the Starplex wasn't the right venue for his act.

So I waited and it was worth it. The House of Blues is the perfect venue. Small little place with great sound. Easy access, good parking, clean bathrooms and good sightlines. We were among the first to arrive...we had standing room tix...but I picked a pillar to lean against...we were about 20 feet from the mike.

Isaak and Silvertone (his band for the past 20 years) rocked the house. Great entertainers and amazing vibe in the room. Everybody was having a great time. I've been fortunate to catch a lot of great concerts (Willie Nelson, Weezer, Lyle Lovett, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Los Lonely Boys, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Brubeck just to name a few) but Isaak's show was among the tops. And the House of Blues is one of the best venues in Dallas. Will have to check out the restaurant another time.