Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Future Classroom

Our high school is building a new building. The old one will soon be torn down and a new gleaming facilty will take its place. Probably be a year or so before I have to relocate. 

I have mixed emotions being that I've been in the same classroom for the past fourteen years. I love my room. It's big, near the teacher's lounge, and has a window that overlooks my parking space. It's quirky and feels like a second home. 

My new room will be smaller as all newly built classrooms are. It won't have carpet and will probably be on a second floor. I'm sure it will be high-tech. But it will probably be sterile in a modernist way. 

So I'm making plans for its decor. I'm going to deck it out like Indiana Jones's classroom in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Old artifacts and big desk. Vintage posters and globes. I need to find an antique flip chalkboard. 

Irony. The new mod Apple Store looking classroom transformed into an old school prep school or Ivy League lecture hall. 

Please keep your eye out for that rolling flip chalkboard!  

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Blog Post

I haven't blogged lately. So in order to get the ball rolling again I just decided to post this...this post about nothing in particular. This photo has no correlation to this post. Just posting for posting sake.