Wednesday, October 03, 2018


After several hours at the Louvre, we ate at Angelina's then walked over to the Palais Garnier and spent some quality time in the Opera district. More on that later.

On our way back to our apartment we stopped at the Musee Rodin. Located by the Invalides it was conveniently located close to our lodgings. 

The Museum is actually a small estate in the middle of the city. It was an oasis of greenery and shade on a hot day in Paris. Seeing Le Penseur (The Thinker) in person is surreal. It is truly majestic. The mansion that houses many of Rodin's work is very impressive. 

As we were walking I finally felt the heat of the day becoming oppressive. This was the hottest day of our stay and the temps would cool considerably the next day. After 25,000 steps I felt my heart racing and I began sweating. Fortunately the Rodin estate had a nice shaded cafe where I ordered a cold Coke and we could sit under the trees and enjoy the breeze. In a few minutes I was right as rain. 

The Musee Rodin is an underrated place of beauty under the shadow of the gold dome of Napoleon's tomb.