Friday, August 17, 2018


Finally got the boy to a weezer show this summer as they passed through Dallas. Extra supercool bonus was another one of my fave bands of all time, The Pixies. Both bands rocked hard in the stifling heat. Below are the set lists.

  1. Buddy Holly
  2. Beverly Hills
  3. Hash Pipe
  4. Undone - The Sweater Song
  5. Pork and Beans
  6. Perfect Situation
  7. My Name Is Jonas
  8. El Scorcho
  9. In the Garage
  10. No One Else
  11. Happy Together
    (The Turtles cover) (with a snippet of "Longview" by Green Day)
  12. Keep Fishin'
    (Brian on vocals) 
  13. Island in the Sun
    (Rivers solo acoustic
  14. Wonderwall
    (Oasis cover) (Rivers solo acoustic) 
  15. Scott's Jam
    (Bassist Scott Shriner solo) 
  16. The Good Life
  17. Feels Like Summer
  18. Africa
    (Toto cover) 
  19. Tired of Sex

  20. The Pixies:
    1. Ed Is Dead
    2. Nimrod's Son
    3. Where Is My Mind?
    4. Winterlong
      (Neil Young cover)
    5. Ana
    6. Mr. Grieves
    7. The Holiday Song
    8. Vamos
    9. Silver Snail
    10. Wave of Mutilation
      (UK Surf)
    11. All the Saints
    12. Here Comes Your Man
    13. Gouge Away
    14. Bel Esprit
    15. Caribou
    16. Hey
    17. Gigantic
    18. Monkey Gone to Heaven
    19. Classic Masher
    20. All I Think About Now