Friday, January 20, 2017

Be Present

Some politicians are boycotting today's inauguration. I completely understand why. However, I believe that hiding is the wrong course of action.

Many of those boycotting the inauguration are heroes of mine. They have faced evil head on in the past and prevailed. Many of them have suffered great personal and physical cost for standing up to evil. Many have endured much greater sacrifices than I ever have.

But I believe that if it is part of the democratic norm for the opposition party to attend an inauguration, then you must attend. You cannot cede the stage. You must be present.

If your opponent is going to cheat you, make them cheat you to your face.

I did not like the results of the election. I am concerned about Russian involvement with the election. But I have not heard evidence of actual tampering of the results. The unfortunate truth is that this election is legitimate based on the current rules of the game.

Yes, the Electoral College is antiquated and makes a mockery of the "one man, one vote" concept. Yes, the Electoral College disenfranchises millions based on its winner take all results. Yes, the Electoral College is a 200 year hold-over from the fear white, land-owning elites had of the masses voting and later a fear of freed slaves utilizing their right to vote. Yes, the Electoral College should be abolished or greatly altered.

However, the rules of the game were established and agreed upon. The future of the Electoral College should be debated. But it is my opinion that as abhorrent as this past election was, it is legitimate until proven otherwise. And the opposition party has a duty to be present. The opposition party must be a part of the democratic process so it can help guide policy.

Now, more than ever, is not a time to hide.