Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Photo: This is the first photo that was ever posted on The Internet Lounge back in 2006. That's me in Mexico a long time ago. 

Today is the tenth anniversary of this blog. Wow. Can't believe I've been subjecting the internet to my nonsense for that long. Actually, Dave's Internet Lounge began as a Geocities website a few years before that. But I switched over to the Blogger platform in February of 2006 and the site became an actual blog. The word blog back then sounded very cool. Blogs were new and very fashionable. Now, everyone has a blog and the word is just a normal part of our vocabulary.

Things have changed quite a bit in ten years. I wasn't a Dad yet. Neither the iPhone or the iPad were invented yet. Smartphones didn't really exist. Facebook was new and Twitter was still a few months from launching when I published my first post.

I really keep this blog up for me. I appreciate my few readers but I keep this thing going to help force myself to write even when I don't really feel like it. I don't spend much time editing or planning my posts so they are often pretty rough. My posts have gotten shorter as I've gotten busier. And I try to be less political then back in the day on the Internet Lounge. I discovered that, quite surprisingly, people aren't really all that swayed by my blog posts when it comes to politics. I decided not to be another shouting voice in the void. The temptation still exists. Just this week I published and then subsequently deleted a post about G.O.P. obstructionism in replacing Scalia on the Supreme Court. But then I realized I was just adding to the noise.

So there's never really been a consistent theme on this blog. It really is, as my caption says, just various thoughts and ramblings that make their way into my brain. So thanks for stopping by every once in awhile. Maybe we'll be around for another ten years.

THIS is the first post that ever appeared on the lounge back in '06.